It’s a great day in the Fields & Futures camp when bulldozers are moving, dirt is turning and new fieldwork begins! It means another OKCPS high school campus will soon be transformed, creating new opportunities for OKCPS students to play on beautiful new fields and enjoy the sports they love.

On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, Fields & Futures was joined by a small group of supporters to celebrate the next chapter of U.S. Grant High School softball. Weather permitting, in just a matter of months, the existing grass field will be replaced with a beautiful synthetic turf field!

Upon completion of the softball field, we’ll move to the baseball field and do it all again!

You can follow our progress on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @FieldsFutures.

Special thanks to OKCPS district leadership and U.S. Grant principal Greg Frederick for all they do to give OKCPS students every opportunity possible to learn big, play big, and go big!

So many people and organizations make these field projects possible.

Special thanks to:

  • Cimarron Construction
  • United Turf & Track
  • MA+ Architecture
  • Wes Welker Foundation
  • Group1001
  • McLaughlin Family Foundation
  • Lopez Foods
  • Inasmuch Foundation
  • Jenny and Dr. David Chansolme
  • E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation
  • Sarkeys Foundation
  • Devon Energy
  • Gulfport Energy

Pictured in these photos:

  • OKCPS Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel
  • OKCPS Athletic Director Todd Dilbeck
  • OKCPS Associate Athletic Director Michael McDaniel
  • OKCPS Board Member Gloria Torres
  • U.S. Grant Principal Greg Frederick
  • Fields & Futures Founders Liz & Tim McLaughlin
  • Wes Welker Foundation Board Chairman Andy Bogert
  • Oklahoma State Representative Mickey Dollens
  • Lopez Foods President John Patrick Lopez
  • Lopez Foods VP/Sales Dave Lopez
  • Lopez Foods VP/Controller Stephanie Heiden


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