A Spring In Our Step: OKCPS Spring Sports Clinics

Mar 29, 2024

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With the first blooms of spring starting to color OKC, Fields & Futures sprang into action with a series of free sports clinics designed to enrich the skills and abilities of OKCPS student-athletes and coaches.

This March, the Fields & Futures sports programs team hosted three key events: the Spring Break Goalkeeper Clinic, the OKCPS Golf Coaches Clinic, and the Simon Greiner Program Field Events Clinic. Each clinic was tailored to foster athletic growth, teamwork, and an appreciation for that sport.

Teeing Up with Crimson and Cream

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In an exciting collaboration, Fields & Futures partnered with Crimson & Cream, OU’s alumni and fan-powered NIL collective, to host the OKCPS Golf Coaches Clinic. OU golfers Kaylee Vesely and MaKayla Tyrrell joined in to share their knowledge and experience with OKCPS golf coaches. 

The clinic served as a bridge to the future for OKCPS’s emerging golf program, linking high school coaches with elite collegiate athletes. This connection highlighted the importance of top-tier mentorship for nurturing the next generation of golfers.

Jumping Higher with the SGP Field Events Clinic

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On March 13, Speegle Stadium buzzed with the energy of 250 high school and middle school athletes and their coaches for the Simon Greiner Program Field Events Clinic. 

The Simon Greiner Program brought together coaches from Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma Baptist University, and Be Bold Running to lead sessions on shot put, discus, high jump, long jump, 110/100m hurdles, and 300m hurdles.

The clinic emphasized not only the techniques essential to each event but also the mindset of preparation and determination that defines champions.

Saving Goals at the Spring Break Goalkeeper Clinic

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From March 18-20, the OKC-County Health Department Community Sports Fields became a hive of activity as young goalkeepers dove into the fundamentals of the most exciting position on the pitch.

Under the guidance of some of the region’s most celebrated goalkeeping mentors, participants engaged in drills and exercises designed to elevate their game to the next level. OKCPS goalkeepers of all ages emerged from the three-day clinic covered in grass, confidence, and smiles, ready to kick start the season.

Spring Forward

With these clinics, Fields & Futures has laid the groundwork for a Spring sports season brimming with potential and promise. As OKCPS student-athletes and coaches incorporate the insights and skills gleaned from our clinic offerings, we anticipate not just achievements on the field, track, and course but a season of growth as these young athletes spring towards their goals.

Let the games begin!

Cheering on Our Cheer Captain, Mandi Dotson

Mandi Dotson has been part of the Fields & Futures story since the very beginning, loyally and enthusiastically cheering for us through our biggest wins. Now, it's our turn to cheer on our resident cheer captain as she continues to grow the sport in her role as Director of Cheer & Youth Sports Advocate.

Daryen “DJ” Jefferson: In a Lane of His Own

Daryen "DJ" Jefferson isn't just another student-athlete at Douglass High School – he's wired a little bit differently. The high school valedictorian discovered his passion for long-distance running when he was 10 years old and hasn't looked back. As he prepares for the next chapter of his journey – college athletics – he's just hitting his stride and in a lane of his own.

F&F Booster Club – The Power of Many

Every supporter, partner, and donor who has been a part of our journey during the past 12 years can proudly say they are a member of the F&F Booster Club and have helped put more kids on more teams. But we will always need more boosters to support more kids. So, today, we are excited to launch a citywide effort to grow the F&F Booster Club. A donation of any amount automatically makes you a member!

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