Southeast High School

5401 S. Shields Blvd.

Located in southeast Oklahoma City, Southeast High School opened its doors in 1950 and quickly earned a reputation for producing some of Oklahoma’s most successful major leaguers. SEHS was closed in 1990 and reopened in 1994, but its fields were never restored to their previous condition.

Field Details

Softball & Baseball

August 1, 2018


Jefferson Middle School

Wes Welker Field
Allen Ballpark

Completed 2012
Football/Soccer, Baseball, Softball

Webster Middle School

McCoy Field
Hudiburg Auto Group Ballpark

Completed 2013
Football/Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Track

Capitol Hill High School

SandRidge Field
Chickasaw Ball Field
Jeannette Sias Field

Completed 2015
Baseball, Softball, Football/Soccer Practice Fields

Taft Middle School

Completed 2015
Softball, practice field, futsal/basketball court

NW Classen High School

Dental Depot Field

Completed 2015-2016
Football/Soccer Practice Field, Track, Softball, Baseball Upgrades

Roosevelt Middle School

BALTO Sports Complex

Completed 2016
Football/Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Futsal/Basketball Court

Star Spencer High School

Completed 2016-2017
Football Practice Field, Baseball, Softball

Southeast High School

Completed 2018
Baseball, Softball

Classen SAS Middle School

Completed 2019
Practice Field

Capitol Hill Middle School

Completed 2019
Practice Field

US Grant High School




91% of all athletes say they are more motivated to attend school since playing team sports.


94% of athletes say playing sports further motivates them to stay academically eligible.


86% of athletes created more ambitious education goals since playing team sports.

Data from Roosevelt Middle School Sports Impact Survey

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