For anyone who knows Keith Sinor, you know he is led by a faith that makes anything possible, if it’s meant to be. It’s one of the things we love most about him.

Several years ago, an OKCPS Coaches Advisory Group led by Keith developed a list of Coaching Covenants all coaches adopt as part of their commitment to coach in the district. Our favorite is the one Keith mentions most: Lead with love. And we know love comes in many forms. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Encouragement. Compassion.

Under Keith’s leadership, we have seen that belief come to life in ways we never imagined. Rudderless students begin to find their way. Invisible children become active participants. Entire student bodies discover a renewed sense of hope and pride, and students seeking something to belong to and care about find a sense of purpose.

When Keith accepted the position of OKCPS Athletic Director in 2011, he felt a strong calling to help OKCPS kids “write a better story.” He knew if there was anything he could do to help provide a better school experience for Oklahoma City students, he would do it, or find a way to make it happen.

It has been Fields & Futures’ great honor to support Keith in his work the past eight years and we will always be active members of his fan club! As the newly appointed superintendent for Tuttle Public Schools, Keith now has a new opportunity to broaden his net and help others understand the power of love to build strong children, ready to tackle whatever the world has to offer.

We are grateful for our time with Keith and wish him the best as he turns the page on an exciting new chapter in his life and career.

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