These are unprecedented times.

In response to the largest public health crisis we’ve ever experienced, businesses across our city have shut down, schools in every district have closed their doors, and teams from every community have forfeited their seasons.

While you can debate whether or not these measures have been necessary to preserve the health and safety of the masses, you cannot dispute the individual sacrifices they have required.

For some, that sacrifice is income. For others, it’s recreation.

But the thread that ties us all together is the loss of human connection.

That’s why now is the time to #RallyTogetherOKC!

At Fields & Futures, we believe to our core that sports have an immediate and long-lasting impact on kids and communities. In the areas of our city served by Oklahoma City Public Schools, this influence is even more profound.

There, sports are an outlet, a motivator, and a purpose. Teams provide support, accountability, and belonging. And coaches serve as mentors, role models, and even parent figures.

In an ecosystem marred by struggle and strife, sports are often the connective tissue that holds it all together. Without it, things begin to fall apart.

During this season of adversity and isolation, where there are no sports to lean on and morale is shaken, our message to these kids and their communities is simple:

Fields & Futures is still here.
Your coaches are still here.
Your fans are still here.
We are not giving up, and neither are you.

Because if sports have taught us anything, it’s that there is always time to rally.




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