2021 OKCPS Cheer Clinic Wrap-Up

Sep 28, 2021

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The OKCPS Cheer Clinic is back!

On Wednesday, September 8th, 240 cheerleaders representing every OKCPS high school and middle school packed out the Tribe Cheer gym for a full day of instruction and fun at the 2021 OKCPS Cheer Clinic.

“The hype was real!” said Mandi Dotson, Fields & Futures Event Coordinator and resident cheer captain. “We had 100% participation from all middle schools and high schools in OKCPS. After COVID-19 precautions forced us to cancel last year’s clinic, everyone was excited to be back.”

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The clinic was instructed by Urban Cheerleading Experience with help from OU Cheer, Southwestern Christian University Cheer, and Heritage Hall Cheer. Instructors and volunteers ran a three-mat rotation so athletes could be distanced and get more one-on-one coaching.

Throughout the day-long clinic, athletes learned the fundamentals of cheering and focused on cheers, dances, jumps, and other skills needed to compete in the OSSAA Game Day state cheer competition. But more importantly, they learned their squad isn’t just their respective school’s cheerleading team; it’s the 240 athletes who share a common identity and a sense of solidarity through the sport.

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Dotson says cheerleading is often overlooked as a sport in many districts, but the cheer clinic shows there is legitimate interest and support for the sport in OKCPS. This is great news for the entire district.

“Cheerleading is one of the few sports that athletes have the opportunity to participate in all school year,” said Dotson. “When a student joins a cheer team, they’re encouraged to go to class, maintain their grades, and stay out of trouble all year long.”

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Fields & Futures coordinated the clinic with support from a long list of sponsors who helped make the clinic accessible to every OKCPS cheerleader who wanted to attend. The cheerleaders also received a bow, clinic t-shirt, snacks, and dinner free of charge.

“If it wasn’t for our amazing sponsors who understand the role that cheerleading can play in a young person’s life, the 2021 OKCPS Cheer Clinic would not have been the giant success it was,” said Dotson. “We can’t wait to do it bigger, better, and louder next year!”

Special thanks to all of our 2021 OKCPS Cheer Clinic sponsors!

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