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Cheering on Our Cheer Captain, Mandi Dotson

Mandi Dotson has been part of the Fields & Futures story since the very beginning, loyally and enthusiastically cheering for us through our biggest wins. Now, it's our turn to cheer on our resident cheer captain as she continues to grow the sport in her role as Director of Cheer & Youth Sports Advocate.

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A Spring In Our Step: OKCPS Spring Sports Clinics

With spring sports in the air, Fields & Futures sprang into action to host a series of spring sports clinics for OKCPS athletes and coaches. This March featured three key events: the Spring Break Goalkeeper Clinic, the OKCPS Golf Coaches Clinic, and the Simon Greiner Program Field Events Clinic.

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Daryen “DJ” Jefferson: In a Lane of His Own

Daryen "DJ" Jefferson isn't just another student-athlete at Douglass High School – he's wired a little bit differently. The high school valedictorian discovered his passion for long-distance running when he was 10 years old and hasn't looked back. As he prepares for the next chapter of his journey – college athletics – he's just hitting his stride and in a lane of his own.

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F&F Booster Club – The Power of Many

Every supporter, partner, and donor who has been a part of our journey during the past 12 years can proudly say they are a member of the F&F Booster Club and have helped put more kids on more teams. But we will always need more boosters to support more kids. So, today, we are excited to launch a citywide effort to grow the F&F Booster Club. A donation of any amount automatically makes you a member!

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